This past winter I had the pleasure of taking out a new boat, not just new as in it has recently built, but new as in this watercraft has never been developed before and will change your view on man powered river boats forever. Meet the Abstract Watercraft, a carbon fiber frame lay in, designed to be put into a raft. This boat will change how I access water and how I am able to guide in different seasons with high and low water.

Below is a review I wrote for the Abstract Watercraft after my first float, I was impressed!

“Drift boats and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington have been a part of my life for nearly 15 years. I have had some of my best experiences floating these technical waters in a hard boat but have always wanted the added safety factor of a raft. Rafts come into play for some river sections, especially in low water, when rocks and other objects are more exposed, making navigation more difficult. The problem with a raft is that you sacrifice comfort and stability when rowing, and for that reason, I have continued guiding in a drift boat. That is now a thing of the past!

Everything on the Model 1 platform makes sense. It may be referred to as a raft frame but it is a platform in every sense of the word and will change how you view a raft forever when you step inside. With the platform elevated entirely above the water, you have all the benefits of a drift boat, including storage and stability when rowing, with no disadvantages of weight or water access. One thing that sold me on the design, above all other things, is that there is no flex from the frame on the raft while rowing, making each oar stroke feel strong, not spongy. Because the weight of the frame, passengers, and gear is distributed evenly across the raft’s and there is no pressure point damage on the tubes or the floor over time and no more worrying about a lost hook or something sharp puncturing the tubes from the inside.

I am looking forward to fishing out of an ABSTRACT as soon as they become available. Thank you for letting me take it for a test drive!”


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