Have you ever fished in a snowstorm? If you have then you know it’s special, but if you haven’t, let me explain.... Imagine everything you see changing from minute to minute, but the river being the only constant. If your just getting out as the snow falls it’s barely sticking to the ground and you can see the brown & green through the speckles of white dust on the rocks and trees. It might not be cold enough for it to blow off of your jacket when it falls, and if so, it feels like the coldest rain. This will be one of the only times fishing you wish it was colder so you can get dry light snow that just blows around with the wind.

As the snow starts to accumulate you will notice that things get really quiet, but again, the only constant is the river, it never stops. With no sounds other than moving water you tune in to your swing because on three sides of you there is only white, above and to your left and right. The steelhead are just as cold as you are with something icing down their drink and are sometimes in some slack water not directly in a seam. With it being so quiet if one rises and flips a tail ever so slightly, you can hear it.

This moment “THE CHANCE” for some like me is worth taking off in the middle of the night on questionable roads. Driving 25 mph on the highway that makes a 2 or 3 hour drive, 6! It really doesn’t matter if your “late” because there aren’t stadiums full of people ready to take your spot anyway. If the line tightens up you’re super pumped to get one after all you’ve been through, but I can guarantee what you remember about this day won’t be a fish.


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